UK Tax Strategy at LiquidQube

LiquidQube is committed to conducting its tax affairs in a responsible, transparent, and compliant manner. Our tax strategy is aligned with our corporate values and business objectives, reflecting our commitment to ethical conduct and good corporate citizenship. The key elements of our UK Tax Strategy are outlined below:

1. Compliance: LiquidQube is fully committed to complying with all applicable tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements in the United Kingdom. We maintain robust internal controls and governance processes to ensure accurate tax reporting and timely submission of tax returns.

2. Transparency: We believe in transparency and openness in our tax affairs. LiquidQube discloses relevant tax information to tax authorities, stakeholders, and the public in accordance with legal requirements and best practices.

3. Tax Planning: LiquidQube engages in tax planning activities to support our business operations and investment decisions. Our tax planning is based on commercial rationale and aligns with our overall business strategy. We do not engage in aggressive tax avoidance schemes or arrangements that are inconsistent with our values or the intent of tax laws.

4. Relationship with Tax Authorities: We maintain constructive and collaborative relationships with tax authorities in the UK. LiquidQube engages in open dialogue and cooperation with tax authorities to address any tax-related queries, disputes, or audits promptly and transparently.

5. Risk Management: LiquidQube identifies, assesses, and manages tax risks in line with our overall risk management framework. We prioritize tax compliance and risk mitigation to ensure the integrity of our tax affairs and protect the interests of our stakeholders.

6. Governance and Oversight: LiquidQube's tax strategy is overseen by senior management and the Board of Directors. We have clear accountability and responsibility for tax matters within the organization, with regular reviews and updates to ensure compliance with evolving tax laws and regulations.

LiquidQube is committed to maintaining a culture of tax compliance, integrity, and accountability. We strive to contribute to the UK economy by paying the right amount of tax at the right time, while also supporting sustainable growth and innovation in the communities where we operate.